The Health Association Libraries Section began in 1952 when the Medical Society Libraries Group was formed as a special interest group of the Medical Library Association (MLA). Librarians sought a forum to discuss the unique issues that medical society libraries faced, and many of the programs of the Group focused on these issues. For many years, the Group consisted almost exclusively of state and local medical society/ academy librarians, representing the predominant type of society library at the time.
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Membership Information

If you are interested in health association libraries of any type, you need us and the Health Association Libraries Section needs you!

Benefits of section membership include:
  • A forum for sharing ideas and solving problems
  • Sponsorship of programs at the MLA annual meeting
Members of the section represent one of the oldest sections of the MLA. Working in diverse settings, section members are employed:
  • In libraries throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe;
  • In local, regional, and national health associations; and
  • In all areas of health care

Section Dues: $10 per year, payable upon renewal of your MLA dues. Try out a membership with us on alternating years at the MLA Section Shuffle.


"Firsts" in the History of the Section:
  • Formalization of Medical Society Group of MLA

  • First survey of American medical society libraries (BMLA 43:193-8, 1955)

  • First officer from a national organization, Susan Crawford, American Medical Association

  • Medical Society Libraries Group becomes the Medical Society Libraries Section

  • First MSLS newsletter issued

  • First electronic distribution of MSLS newsletter

  • Medical Society Libraries Section changes name to Health Association Libraries Section
  • First Section Website

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